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Breaking Cultural Taboos and Igniting Social Change

Introduction: Menstrual Stigma And The Need For Change​

Women around the world still face stigma and exclusion due to lack of acceptance of mensuration as a natural process and the inaccessibility of menstrual hygiene management resources makes the situation even worse. Women in rural regions of India are still discriminated against and they lack access to adequate basic necessities along with affordable and hygienic menstrual products. Hence, for a more equitable and just society it is crucial to create knowledge and awareness regarding menstrual hygiene practices and break the taboos surrounding mensuration.

The Event: Empowering Students And Fostering Awareness​

In an endeavor to fulfill this year’s Menstrual Hygiene Day theme “Making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030”, All India Welfare Society in collaboration with Restless Development organized an event for the students of the University of Rajasthan.​

Shattering Myths and Encouraging Expression

The main purpose of the event was to break taboos surrounding menstrual health and make students aware of the stigma and social exclusion women still encounter in society. University Professors and students participated in artistic expressions to shatter myths surrounding menstruation.

go nisha go aiws jaipur

Introducing "Go Nisha Go" Game

The event introduced a digital game called “Go Nisha Go,” designed to provide women from varied backgrounds easy access to information related to menstrual hygiene in a user-friendly manner. This tool empowers women to make informed decisions and promotes their menstrual health and overall well-being.

Promoting Inclusivity: Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

As part of the initiative to promote inclusion, a sanitary napkin vending machine was installed in the campus premises. The installation aims to convey that menstruation is a normal part of life, and every student can embrace it and freely communicate about it without considering it as a taboo.


sanitary napkin vanding machine

Educational Sessions and Debunking Myths

The teams from All India Welfare Society and Restless Development conducted ice-breaking sessions to make students aware of basic information related to menstruation. They debunked myths surrounding menstruation, encouraging attendees to embrace menstruation and break the stigma surrounding it.

Inspiring Performances and Positive Attitude Towards Menstruation

The captivating performances of the students encouraged the audience to have a more positive attitude towards menstruation. It motivated them to end the stigma surrounding it and accept it as a part of their daily lives.

Promoting Gender Equality and Empowerment

Conclusion: Promoting Gender Equality and Empowerment

In conclusion, menstruation is a natural process, and women should not be stigmatized or discriminated against because of it. The initiative on World Menstrual Hygiene Day is an effort to address this issue through education and awareness, thereby empowering women and promoting gender equality.

Ending Statement​

The teams of Restless Development and All India Welfare Society are consistently making persistent endeavors to establish a world that is more inclusive and equitable for women and girls. The event was a dialogue towards a more egalitarian and just society. #WeAreCommitted

Author - Neha Aanchliya

Social worker