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The Employment Generation Program begins with goals, that may and should help with the welfare of the women in rural and slum areas.

The goals are as follows: –

  • Women’s Empowerment through employment
  • Development of women in rural and slum areas
  • Government Schemes
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NGO’s are considered to be Non – Profit Governmental bodies

which work for the welfare of society. They act as a mediator between society and government. It plays a vital role to improve communities and promoting citizens’ participation while mentoring them socially and economically.



Through this project, the women are empowered, and also they can amplify their voices.



Our NGO – ‘A.I.W.S,’ formed this project with the view of helping and developing women economically – to make this project reality, we selected five villages from the State of Rajasthan.

They are Rajawas, Udaipuriya , Deepura , RampuraDabri . We took a survey and tried to understand the economic status of the village women and this survey was conducted in October’2019. After the survey, we made a batch of 10-10  women from each village, giving us a total of fifty (50) women.

Later we mentored them with less skilled work, such as taping, stamping, and stitching clothes and paper bags. We introduced them to small startups and small businesses nearby where working required less skill and connected them to work, which may help them in generating income and helped in building confidence. Few groups of women were working from home (village), and some used to go to their given offices through the provided transportation, due to which regular employment carried on. Their house conditions improved due to positive growth.

But due to the pandemic, many problems arose, such as transportation problems and others, and the growth of development of women economically in the village slowly declined for some time.

But gradually, things started coming back to their place in September ‘2020. We took help from PEACE FIRST, and they provided the N.G.O. with initial funding for the project’s development. Afterward, we selected 20 women from each village, mentored them, and connected them to small startups and businesses nearby.

This project is still growing and is sustainable. Currently, we are working with women in a slum area, i.e., Vidyut Nagar, Jaipur City, Rajasthan.


Well talking about the Government Schemes/ Yojna which has been launched for the social and economic welfare of the citizens especially for women. These policies or schemes gives many advantages to the people . We took advantage of the schemes / yojna which were and are specifically established for women and through this schemes we registered many women who are economically and socially deprived so that they are benefited by the yojana’s.

Some of the major schemes which we used in our project for the registration of women are “Berojgari Bhatta”,” Kishori Yojna “, ” Palanhar Yojna” which provided them with enough income and benefits for their all round growth .


Through this project we “believe and hope” this project will bring a great, positive, impact and results in the development of women in rural and slum areas not only this it will help them economically and socially so that with their willing contribution, they could benefit the overall growth of women individually as well as family, state and country

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